The 33-18 victory might have been the team’s most complete performance to date

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The Pittsburgh Steelers and Cleveland Browns took part in a big divisional game at Heinz Field on Sunday Chris Boswell Jersey , and the Steelers presented their loyal fan base with their first home division win of the regular season. During the game, some perform well, while others fall short of the standard. This is where the Winners and Losers column comes in. After the game, when the dust settles, we decipher who falls into which category. As always, feel free to comment on the list in the comment section below. Be part of the conversation!WinnersJames ConnerStat Line: 24 carries, 146 yards, 6.1 ypc, 2 TDs / 5 rec, 6 targets, 66 yardsIt has been a long time since I’ve enjoyed watching someone play football as much as I do enjoy watching Conner tote the rock. He runs with a reckless abandon, yet has the balance and burst to be a threat in every possible way. At this point in the game, I don’t think anyone is wondering about Le’Veon Bell anymore, just wondering if the team will trade him so Conner can keep rolling.Antonio BrownStat Line: 6 receptions, 8 targets, 74 yards, 2 TDsNot a ridiculous day for No. 84, but when you catch 6 of 8 targets and score twice, it isn’t a bad day at the office. Maybe, just maybe, Brown doesn’t care about his stats anymore. Perhaps he is more focused on wins, and scoring touchdowns. Brown leads the league in touchdown receptions, and I’m sure he would exchange his receptions and yardage statistics for a Super Bowl ring.Bud DupreeStat Line: 4 tackles, 1 solo, .5 TFL, 2 QB hitsNick Farabaugh in his post-game reaction article put it best when talking about Dupree, maybe this is just who Dupree is?! If that is the case, he is far from a bust, but just an average pass rusher. Dupree did what he should have done. The Browns put all their attention on Watt, and he won his one-on-one matchup against a subpar left tackle. He isn’t an elite pass rusher, but he certainly isn’t Jarvis Jones either. This was one of Dupree’s best performances as a pro, in my opinion.T.J. WattStat Line: 7 tackls, 6 solo, 1 sack, 2.5 TFL, 1 QB hitWhen Watt plays the Browns, expect him to at least continue to add to his sack total. Watt’s lone sack on Baker Mayfield gives him 7 on the season Authentic Xavier Grimble Jersey , and is just three off Aaron Donald for the league lead. Although I doubt he will break any records, sadly the Steelers don’t play the Browns again this year, Watt is having himself a banner year for such a young player. His play is improving weekly.Ben RoethlisbergerStat Line: 24/36, 257 yards, 2 TDs, 1 INT, 1 sack, 94.3 RatingThis was the game I wanted to see from Roethlisberger, maybe except the first quarter. Take away the interception when he tried to force the ball to JuJu Smith-Schuster and Roethlisberger had a very efficient day at the office. He was only sacked once, and the Browns’ defense registered just one QB hit. Aggressive Mike TomlinStat Line: 1/1 on 4th Down ConversionsI was waiting for Chris Boswell to trot onto the field for a chip shot field goal at the end of the second quarter, but Tomlin rolled the dice of 4th down, and it paid off with a first down completion to Smith-Schuster, and then a touchdown pass to Brown to put a dagger in the Browns. Loved the call.Mike HiltonStat Line: 4 tackles, 3 solo, .5 TFL, 1 Pass DefenseYou might look at the stat line above and wonder why Hilton found his way on the winners list. After all, he didn’t have an interception or a sack, but when he is on the field the entire defense is different. Hilton is a tremendous blitzer, and I would argue he is the best slot defender in the NFL. What a steal he was when Pittsburgh claimed him off the scrap heap.Joe HadenStat Line: 3 tackls, 3 solo, 2 TFL, 2 Pass Defenses, 1 INTSome say Haden is too old. Some say Haden is injury prone. Some suggest Haden has lost a step. Well color me stupid, because what I saw on Sunday at Heinz Field was a dominant performance by Haden. The interception was nice, and resulted in a touchdown for the offense, but the play which stood out to me was the swing pass to Jarvis Landry. Landry caught the pass and turned up field only to be met by Haden. Haden didn’t rush and try to tackle Landry immediately, but broke down and was ready to make a play. Landry tried an inside move, and an outside move, but Haden didn’t budge. Landry just went out of bounds. Tremendous.Offensive LineStat Line: 168 total yards rushing, 2 rushing touchdowns, surrendered 1 sack, and only 1 QB hitI always see these silly position rankings around the internet, and when talking about offensive lines, no one ever puts the Steelers’ unit at the top. Not sure why. In the past three games they have surrendered just one sack, and two QB hits. On top of that, James Conner has been running wild through gaping holes which you could drive a truck through. Oh, and this week Marcus Gilbert wasn’t in the lineup, but Matt Feiler. Anyone notice a difference? I sure didn’t. Mike Munchak for president!LosersRyan Switzer/Roosevelt Nix/Danny SmithStat Line: Are you serious?Against a different team this mistake would have been the straw which broke the camel’s back. In our post-game podcast, which can be heard above, we asked whether this was on the players or the coaches. My answer is both! After the safety Danny Smith had time to get his unit together and remind them this is a live ball after being kicked. Sure Cheap Javon Hargrave Jersey , Nix’s fair catch signal was strange, but Switzer, who is known as a return specialist, should know the rules and still have caught the football. Plenty of blame to go around...I’m just thankful it didn’t cost the team the game.PenaltiesStat Line: 8 penalties for 60 yardsThe penalties weren’t as bad as it looked at the start of the game, but this team sure knows how to compound sloppy play with stupid penalties. Need to play a cleaner brand of football next week vs. the Ravens.The 1st QuarterStat Line: Offense didn’t obtain a first down till the second quarterThe defense gave up 6 points, should have been more, and the offense didn’t get a first down the entire quarter. I know coming off the bye week can a slow adjustment, but this team needs to develop more consistency when starting games.3rd Down OffenseStat Line: 6-for-13 on 3rd down conversionsBelow .500 in 3rd down offense is not acceptable in the NFL. The teams who make it far are teams who know how to move the chains and create long, time consuming, drives. The Steelers got their act together in the second half, but the first half was rough. On the flip side, I should say how the Steelers’ defense did a tremendous job on third downs, holding the Browns to 3-for-13 on the key down.Steelers NFL Draft Prospects: College Game Day and Open Thread Welcome to Week 7 of the college football season. Let’s take a look at this weeks top 25 match ups, and potential players the Pittsburgh Steelers might be keeping an eye on.No. 2 Georgia (-7) at No. 13 LSU 3:30 p.m., CBSNo. 7 Washington (-3.5) at No. 17 Oregon 3:30 p.m., ABC/ESPN2No. 15 Wisconsin at No. 12 Michigan (-6.5) 7:30 p.m., ABCThis weeks highlight game has a repeat from week one. Now having Nick Farabaugh giving his breakdown of some of the prospects I wanted to revisit the Wolverines, who have some very intriguing prospects.No. 15 Wisconsin at No. 12 Michigan (-6.5) 7:30 p.m., ABCMichigan WolverinesRashan Gary #3 DL 6’5” 283lbsChase Winovich #15 Edge 6’3” 255lbsDevin Bush #10 LB 5’11” 233lbsLavert Hill #24 CB 5’11” 181lbsTyree Kinnell #23 S 5’11” 215lbsKaran Higdon #22 RB 5’10” 202lbsShea Patterson #2 QB 6’2” 205lbsWisconsin BadgersTyler Biadasz #65 C 6’3” 316Beau Benzschawel #66 G 6’5” 317David Edwards #79 T 6’7” 315Michael Deiter #63 T 6’6” 310Alec Ingold FB #45 6’2” 243Olive Sagapolu #99 NT 6’2” 345TJ Edwards #53 LB 6’1” 244D’Cota Dixon #14 S 5’10” 204Quentez Cephus #87 WR 6’1” 207Michigan WolverinesIDL Rashan GaryThis guy keeps inching up my big board and is a special type of Defensive Linemen. I mean he is a freak athlete in there and can even play off the EDGE. Изображение
He has T.J. Watt-like athleticism off that edge but has probably the build to play inside. He is so quick laterally and with his rip he often beats people straight off of the line and it is a beauty to watch. His athleticism is easily seen in space and you will see him keep up with LBs and RBs with ease, the guy flies. Something I love how Rashan Gary is just how he has improved over his career at Michigan. He has improved in pass rush, getting a fast rip and now incorporating a spin move into his arsenal. He has laser quick hands and gets off the line easily. He has an absolutely endless motor and makes plays all over the field.What issue do I have with him? I think he is still raw as heck, and it is with his leverage especially. Some plays he plays too high and gets driven out of the play. I call that Stephon Tuitt syndrome, and he has some scary resemblances to Tuitt on tape. He is more athletic than Tuitt, but he needs to probably bulk up a bit and slim down as well. I think he is personally better suited as an EDGE at the next level, but it can work either way. His leverage battle is one that is hard to correct, no doubt.Round Grade: Early 2ndNFL Comparison: Jonathan AllenQB Shea PattersonI have a lot of internal battles with Shea Patterson. He could be so good, but he is just so meh. I love that he has a big arm and is a gunslinger on top of it. He makes something out of nothing so many times and his ability to extend the play is as good as anyone you will see out there. That is one thing he has, great pocket awareness and that is hard to teach, so it is a good thing to see that he has it. Patterson is a master of the RPO and quick pass in general. He loves to throw across the middle of the field on slants, for example, but that does not mean he cannot absolutely fire the ball into tight spaces, which he does well too.Unfortunately, I have a lot of questions in his pre-snap processing. He is easily confused by blitzes, and when things do go off script and he tries to make a play, he simply over does it. He makes a lot of dumb decisions that result in INTs or just questionable decisions in general. And in addition to that, his accuracy has been spotty at best over the start of this season, and it has caused Michigan to miss out on big plays. I also am concerned about his durability, he has been hurt far too often.Round Grade: Late 3rdNFL Comparison: Josh DobbsCB Lavert HillYou can call me a big Lavert Hill fan. He plays with tons of swagger and while he is only 5’11” he is as aggressive as any who is taller than him. He certainly is not long at all, and that means he has to be careful of being burnt, but he does not often let that occur. The biggest gripe with him would be that he seemingly does not help out in run support Jordan Berry Jersey , but the guy makes up for it coverage. Hill knows his length deficiencies and so he gets into the face of receivers. His hands are great and allow him to use his incredible mirroring techniques and fluid hips to stay with just about anyone he has to face. Still, even with the length shortcoming, he is great at the trail technique and consistently gets pass breakups due to it. He is also a strong player, and at the catch point he aggressively goes up to get it. He compensates for size shortcomings with great aggressiveness and quickness. He is one of the most underrated CBs in the draft for me.Round Grade: Early 2ndNFL Comparison: Casey HaywardILB Devin BushThe athletic linebackers keep coming and coming for this class. Atop of Mack Wilson and Devin White, we have Devin Bush, who is athletic but extremely raw. He has incredible range and goes from sideline-to-sideline with ease, and even better are his fantastic angles to the football. He has been good in coverage, and that is a huge plus for him. He hits like a truck and flies through on stunts, so he nets a lot more sacks than the average ILB. He is just so much fun to watch on film.However, much like my gripe with Devin White, Bush needs to trust his keys more. He is not a slow, in fact he is too quick of a reactor, but he absolutely bites on play actions far too often. Even worse, he is slow to process on run plays and struggles to get off of blocks once the linemen gets to him. He can not crash down hard on the LOS as he simply does not have the block shedding technique down for it yet. Watch out though, this could be a Steelers target in the second round.Round Grade: Late 2ndNFL Comparison: Blake MartinezWisconsin BadgersC Tyler BiadaszHe likely projects as a center at the next level, but he has the ability to play Guard as well. You want a nasty hog up front from this draft? This is your guy. He is absolutely tenacious up front and plays with an intensity that is very old-school. He is built for run blocking and drives guys back and is completely overpowering to a lot of DL. He does a great job at reaching the second level of the defense and opens up lanes so easily. It really is effortless how well he reaches his blocks. He is short length wise, but still has good strikes in pass protection.That is only a huge issue against elite IDL, and he can learn to adjust to that once he reaches the NFL. The only thing I can say for him is that as much as I love pancakes, he seems a bit too focused on them and drives his opponents and himself into the ground, which means he does not get to reach the second level. Round Grade: Mid 1stNFL Comparison: Travis FrederickOT David EdwardsThe Wisconsin boys know how to run block, that is for sure. His strength is pretty out of this world, and much like Biadasz he runs guys straight into the ground. The running lanes behind him are massive and with his strong base and smooth hips, he simply drives through his legs and opens up the lanes. His length is massive and it is often hard for pass rushers to even beat Edwards because he so easily stonewalls them with strong punches. He too has great athleticism and reaches the second level with ease. He is one of the most impressive lineman in the country.However鈥︹€?I have a huge issue with him, and that is the dreaded false step. It opens up his hips to defenders and allows them to speed rush around the edge. He gives up far too many pressures due to this deficiency and against upper tier talent he has issues because of it. They can exploit it and it leaves Edwards with an issue that is tough to fix. He could be a top OT prospect, but he has to fix this or top level competition will eat on him all day. I hope to see him improve, but sometimes the tape is underwhelming, but not often. Round Grade: Mid 2ndNFL Comparison: Jermey Parnell WR Quentez CephusMan, I like some Quintez Cephus, but he has some issues with him. First off, I really do not trust his catch point radius and even more so, he does not seem that great at tracking. He is a limited deep threat and it often leads to him simply catches balls over the middle or in the flats. He needs to improve at the catch point and be more aggressive against press coverage.However, he is very aware on the field. He has clear awareness of zones and finds the open spaces pretty easily. His hands are strong, but they simply are not great at high pointing the ball, which is going to be an issue since he does not always create a ton of separation. However, the guy is fast and can run by guys that easily and get deep because of it. I love how great he is after the catch too, and it often allows him to create big gains out of nothing. His routes are often clean and his sideline body control is some of the best you will in the class.However, there are character concerns as he was ordered on trial for sexual assault. False or not, you have to take that into consideration.Round Grade: Early 7th (Character Issues)NFL Comparison: Taywan Taylor...Use the comment section to tell us what game and what players you have your eyes on, and who you would love to see as a member of the Steelers next year! Custom Buffalo Bills Jerseys
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