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All season long Cheap Joe Flacco Jersey , Baltimore Beatdown staff members will choose the winner for each match up, vying to predict the most games correctly. Current standings:Jake and Kyle B.Kyle A., Logan and Vasilis Frank, Sage and Baltimore Beatdown readersDustin and ZachAn analysis of the Baltimore Beatdown staff picksConsensus winnersPackers win on the road against Washington (GB -3.0)Vikings defeat the Bills (MIN -16.5)Jaguars are victorious over the Titans (JAX -1.0)Rams beat the Chargers in the battle for Los Angeles (LAR -7.0)Bears defeat the Cardinals in Arizona (CHI -6.0)Patriots secure a victory in Detroit (NE -7.0)Baltimore Beatdown contributors agreed on double the amount of games compared to Week 2. The staff expects Green Bay to move on from their tie with Minnesota, handing the Redskins their second loss in a row. Similarly Cheap C.J. Mosley Jersey , the Vikings should beat Buffalo easily, as the team is in such turmoil players are retiring at halftime. Todd Gurley is anticipated to continue his strong start, having already scored three touchdowns and rushed for 11 first downs in 2018. While Mitchell Trubisky still needs to develop, the Cardinals should be overwhelmed by Chicago’s defense and drop to 0-3 on the year. The Patriots will look to bounce back from their loss in Jacksonville when they face the Lions in Josh Gordon’s first game with New England. ‘Lone wolf’ picksLogan is the only writer to select the Giants (HOU -6.0) and the 49ers (KC -6.5) to win in Week 3. Zach went against the majority in choosing the Colts to defeat the defending champs. (PHI -6.5)It is hard to envision a struggling Eli Manning and a mediocre offensive line winning on the road against the Texans defense, despite both teams entering the contest win-less. Patrick Mahomes has been the toast of the league early on Womens Justin Tucker Jersey , and he will likely be energized for the season opener in Kansas City. Finally cleared for contact, Carson Wentz will look to make his season debut a positive one when the Eagles host Andrew Luck and the Colts. What team(s) will get their first victory of the season?The 2018 Browns are far more talented than the Cleveland rosters of years past, which has shown in their first two games that ended in a tie with Pittsburgh and a missed field goal against the Saints. Expect the hometown crowd to be fired up for a victory over rookie Sam Darnold and the Jets. (CLE -3.0)Jon Gruden has not had the best homecoming, starting the year 0-2 with the Raiders. Five out of nine writers think that Derek Carr and company will leave Miami with their first victory, even with the Dolphins imposing running game Joe Flacco Jersey , improved quarterback play from Ryan Tannehill and strong performances from rookie safety Minkah Fitzpatrick. (MIA -3.0)In a battle to improve to 1-2, eight out of nine writers predict that J.J. Watt and the Texans will perform well at home and defeat the Giants. (HOU -6.0)The Seahawks are a shell of their former Super Bowl rosters, as Russell Wilson is left hanging to dry by an ineffective offensive line and the Legion of Boom is long disbanded. However, six out of nine staff members believe that Seattle will rebound when they host a Dallas team that looked lost against the Panthers in Week 1. (SEA -1.5)Five out of nine contributors believe the Steelers will silence the Antonio Brown and Le’Veon Bell drama by spoiling Ryan Fitzpatrick’s improbable success quarterbacking the Buccaneers. Otherwise, Pittsburgh will be starving for a victory when they host the Ravens in Week 4. (PIT -1.0)All writers’ picks can be found in the table below. NFL Week 3 PicksGamesDustinFrankJakeKyle A.Kyle B. LoganSageVasilisZachBB ReadersGamesDustinFrankJakeKyle A.Kyle B. LoganSageVasilisZachBB ReadersPick the winner of every Week 3 contest below! Also Youth John Brown Jersey , be sure to sign up for FanPulse to answer three poll questions every week! The Baltimore Ravens have made another roster move on Monday as they have placed cornerback Maurice Canady on injured reserve while re-signing veteran linebacker Albert McClellan. Bringing back McClellan was an expected move as it was reported earlier on Monday, but placing Canady on injured reserve is a surprise. He initially suffered a ‘minor strain’ in a joint practice with the Colts during the preseason and sat out the remainder of the preseason.Canady then returned for week one of the regular season as Baltimore defeated the Bills 47-3, but he reinjured his hamstring.After Thursday night’s game against the Bengals, the Ravens needed help at the inside linebacker position due to C.J. Mosley’s injury. With the cornerback position loaded with talent, the Ravens can seemingly survive without Canady for an extended period considering Jimmy Smith is scheduled to return in two weeks. Head coach John Harbaugh stated during his press conference that Canady’s injury is not season-ending Youth Matt Skura Jersey , which means that he will be a candidate to be one of two IR-designated to return spots. Kenneth Dixon is also a candidate for that designation as well. McClellan will bring leadership to a position that is now lacking a veteran presence. The most experienced player in that position group is Patrick Onwuasor, who is playing his third year in the NFL. Mosley’s injury is not considered long-term, but this move could indicate he will miss a couple of games.
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Описание: Новости по рыболовным соревнованиям и фестивалям

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