The Dolphins First Loss I wasn’t looking forward to writing after the Miami Dolphins

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My typical Monday after losing a game consists of me avoiding social media and all sports related broadcasts. I don’t work in an office setting type of job White Robert Quinn Jersey , so I am lucky enough that I can avoid most face to face interactions with people until later in the day. Now, that is just how I am after a regular game loss. You know, when we put up a fight or showed some kind of effort and still lost. That’s an easier loss to swallow. After the display the Dolphins put on yesterday, I’m going to need an extra day or two this week avoiding any football related discussions. What can I say about the Dolphins game yesterday? The loss to the Patriots hurt. It hurt a lot. We were bad. Very bad. It was embarrassing. This is normally where I spend some time raving about a certain player or two and going over the best plays of the game. You typically hope to still have some positive points to discuss from a game, right? Here are my thoughts on it. The GoodWe didn’t get completely shutout. We had one touchdown during the last few minutes of the game thanks to Frank Gore. Oh and that was with the help of our backup quarterback. The BadKilgore and Bobby McCain were taken out of the game because of injuries. Losing like we were was bad enough, but to have injuries added to it was the final nail in the coffin.And The Very, Very, Very Embarrassingly UglyOur team did not show up. We were humiliated. It was probably the worst game under Coach Gase and Tannehill. Remember last season’s game against the Ravens? This hurt worse. Oh, and let’s not forget that Monday Night game against the Panthers. I know I won’t, because I was at that game. This was worse. Why? Last year we had Cutler. We went into each week being thankful if we didn’t humiliate ourselves. There wasn’t much hope for our team last season. It was fine. Those type of games Youth Jerome Baker Jersey , at least I hoped, were in the past. I was wrong. I will admit I came into this week thinking we had our chance. Many of us did. It was our time to finally win in Foxborough. We can show everyone that the Dolphins have changed. We are not the same Miami Dolphins. Well....yeah. We showed we have some work to do.Tannehill looked bad. Our offensive looked bad. Our defense looked bad. The coaching was bad. Our injuries are really bad. Our entire team as unit looked bad. The Patriots outplayed us in every aspect. I really can’t say much else about Sunday. It was rough.Final ThoughtsI posted on Twitter that I was going to take a couple days to be embarrassed and frustrated about that game, but then it would be time to move on. You know why? We are still leading our division. At least for now. We are 3-1. It’s our first loss. If we’re being honest, I think we all knew it would be a long shot to win four straight games right off the bat. Yeah, we have to listen to Patriot fans and the national media call us a joke all week. It’s cool. Just shake it off. The Dolphins can learn from this game or not. I think they will. It’s one loss. We still have 12 more games. A lot of football is left. Our next game will be tough. We play the Bengals in Cincy. I will be going to the game. Who else is going? I’m meeting up with a bunch of Dolphins friends from all over the country. I’ve been looking forward to this game for months. My dad is joining me and it’s probably the only game he is attending this season. The one game he attended last year was the Falcons game. Remember, we came back from behind and won. Maybe attending games with my dad brings us good luck? Either way, I believe our team can win this one. This is an important game for the Dolphins. Can they prove that yesterday was just a fluke? I hope so. If we can win this upcoming Sunday, it will be the confidence booster our team needs when they head back home the following week to face the Bears. Let’s hope I can write a more positive piece next week. I like writing after a win. We may not have a victory Monday this week, but I’m hopeful we will next week.See you all next Monday. Go Dolphins!SUTTON on Sitton Film Study: Our New Left Guard’s Debut Vs. Tennessee Titans (More GIF’s Than I Have Kids) No foreplay, let’s get right to it.This is a well designed blitz. Notice the late Mike bail (showed A gap blitz to start) Youth Ryan Tannehill Jersey , and the Will slides into the B gap, as the protection was likely called to move right with the pre-snap look. He doesn’t even appear to peek left, so that to me says that his job was to play-side right and he expected Laremy Tunsil to pick him up. Tunsil got called for holding here.Ultimately, this pressure might get pinned on Josh Sitton, but I’m a little iffy on its attribution. I think the blame is more widespread than Sitton alone.No excuses here. Sitton gets caught drifting left as the DT gets immediate penetration crossing in front of his face. Good thing Ryan Tannehill gets it out in about 1.5 seconds to Kenny Stills for the Miami Dolphins touchdown. Does his job. Gets moved back a bit, but he’s trying to anchor down on a big human moving fast. At any rate, Ryan Tannehill recognizes the pressure, gets the ball out quickly and moves the chains.People, notice something on this play. This is a veteran savvy move: he knows he’s got Daniel Kilgore’s help inside, watch him snap his head outside to make sure everything is cool over there to his left. Football IQ in a viking’s body. Not much to say here White Jesse Davis Jersey , anchors down and does his job. Opens up a natural passing lane for Tannehill.That’s a ridiculous hole and Sitton/Kilgore demonstrate double-teaming the DT 101. If I’m nitpicking, I’d like to see him peel off and climb to the Mike but it was a worthwhile double-team nonetheless. I like this block because Wilson can either stay outside or try to cut back inside and Sitton would’ve been able to help him in either scenario: he had great leverage perpendicular to the line of scrimmage. Penalty on Miami made it 1st and 20. The offense bounces right back with Frank Gore scampering for the 1st down, and it’s made possible by Josh Sitton getting a good push outside but also making his man collide with his teammate which gave enough of a crease for Gore to capitalize.Again, doing his job. His guy gets twisted around and starts to fall down at the end.Ryan Tannehill on a gorgeous deep ball to Kenny Stills on a post pattern for the touchdown.There’s Josh Sitton, taking a slight bump from Tunsil to slow the momentum, and Sitton stands him up from there. Tannehill has plenty of space to get that rocket loaded. Let’s be blunt, Elon Musk has nothing on Tannehill’s rocket. (I’m sorry I couldn’t resist myself.)What did you all think, fam? What’s your thoughts on Josh Sitton in his opening game with the Dolphins?
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