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Plays to Love Cheap DJ Moore Jersey , Plays to Hate (aka “P2L, P2H”) looks at the most significant plays in swinging momentum and impacting the eventual outcome of the game. Three plays to love3rd Quarter 12:09 – Panthers 7, Lions 10. Panthers ball 3rd-and-10 at CAR 6The Situation: The Panthers offense had been awful outside of an opening drive touchdown. After taking possession at their own six yard line, Carolina now faced 3rd-and-10 from the shadow of their own end zone. A punt here would put the defense in a tough situation.The Play: D.J. Moore ran a deep out route, went over the defender to make the catch, then sprinted 82-yards down to the Detroit 12 yard line. Unfortunately, Moore was surprisingly caught from behind by Darius Slay on one of the longer plays you’ll see that didn’t result in a touchdown. To make matters worse, the offense couldn’t score and then Graham Gano shanked a 34-yard field goal, completely wasting Moore’s brilliant play.4th Quarter 13:13 – Panthers 7, Lions 13. Panthers ball 3rd-and-9 at CAR 9The Situation: Carolina’s offense was pinned inside the 10 once again. Facing 3rd-and-9 from their own nine yard line, the anemic Panthers offense needed a big play.The Play: Devin Funchess ran a deep slant and picked up 16 yards. The third down conversion jumpstarted an up-tempo passing attack that resulted in a beautiful 12-yard Curtis Samuel touchdown. While Funchess really struggled in this game, his conversion on 3rd-and-9 and the subsequent touchdown was a true momentum shifter.4th Quarter 1:18 – Panthers 13, Lions 20. Panthers ball 1st-and-Goal at DET 8The Situation: Aided by a huge 34-yard pickup by Christian McCaffrey, the Panthers navigated down to the Detroit eight yard line trailing with just over a minute remaining. Trailing by seven points, Carolina needed a touchdown. The Play: D.J. Moore ran a perfect out route, juking his defender and getting enough separation for Cam to loft him a perfect pass. Moore executed a toe-tap on the sideline as he hauled in the clutch touchdown, cutting the Panthers deficit to 20-19 Mario Addison Jersey , but the go-ahead two-point conversion failed. Three plays to hate3rd Quarter 9:16 – Panthers 7, Lions 10. Panthers ball, 34-yard field goal attemptThe Situation: D.J. Moore’s electric 82-yard reception set up the Panthers for an easy field goal to tie the game at 10. The Play(s): Graham Gano inexplicably doinked the gimme field goal off the upright. It was his first miss inside of 50 yards in his last 38 attempts. Later in the game, Gano would shank an extra point to keep the score tied at 13-13 instead of giving the Panthers a one point lead. These missed kicks doomed the Panthers in this defeat and I’m tagging Gano with two plays to hate this week. 4th Quarter 6:37 – Panthers 13, Lions 13. Lions ball 3rd-and-15 at DET 45The Situation: A Julius Peppers sacks forced the Lions into a difficult 3rd-and-15 from near midfield. A stop here would give the Panthers the ball back with around six minutes left in a tied game.The Play: James Bradberry just flat out got beat by Kenny Golladay on a 36-yard reception. Bradberry was even flagged for defensive holding on the play, which the Lions obviously declined. The play was a killer because the Panthers should’ve been able to force a punt in this situation, but the Lions drive was extended and yielded Detroit’s go-ahead touchdown three plays later. 4th Quarter 1:14 – Panthers 19, Lions 20. Panthers ball, two-point conversion attemptThe Situation: Graham Gano’s missed extra point earlier in the game left the Panthers trailing 20-19 instead of tied 20-20 after D.J. Moore’s clutch touchdown. The Play: Ron Rivera made the right call by going for a two-point conversion with the hopes of a 21-20 lead late in the fourth quarter instead of kicking an extra point for a tie. Cam Newton dropped to pass and got good protection. Jarius Wright shook free and was open coming across the middle. Cam just rushed the pass and overthrew Wright. Game over.Closing it out and summing it upLook, I’m not going to kill Cam for overthrowing the two-point conversion. Yes, he should have made that throw, but without Cam’s 25-of-37 for 357 yards and three touchdowns, the game would have been out of reach long before the overthrow. Plus, even if Cam converts and the Panthers go up 21-20, the Lions still would’ve had over a minute left and all three timeouts to set up a game-winning field goal. What were the odds the Lions still would’ve won 23-21 against this ho-hum Panthers defense? Forty percent? Fifty percent? Seventy five? The point is even if Carolina executes the two-point conversion, the defense still could’ve found a way to lose this game on the Lions final possession. Let’s take a moment to celebrate D.J. Moore (7-157-1) and Curtis Samuel (5-55-1). It’s wonderful to have two young, explosive, and improving receivers in the fold. Devin Funchess had several egregious drops in this one, but he’s still having a solid season overall and remains on pace for 65 receptions and 825 yards. On defense Cheap Taylor Moton Jersey , tackling was horrible. If Kerryon Johnson (15 rushes for 87 yards) hadn’t been injured in the third quarter, he singlehandedly could’ve put this game out of reach much sooner for the Lions. Even Luke Kuechly’s missing tackles these days. At 6-4 and coming off two bad losses, this Panthers season is starting to feel like fool’s gold, especially with two games against the New Orleans Saints still looming. This team is good enough to be competitive in most games but lacks the consistency and killer instinct to finish off inferior teams like the Lions. Let’s hope they fare better this week against the Seattle Seahawks. Plays to love season leaders5 - D.J. Moore3 - Cam Newton, Christian McCaffrey, James Bradberry2 - Devin Funchess, Efe Obada, Kyle Love, Torrey Smith, 1 - Ben Jacobs, Colin Jones, David Mayo, Donte Jackson, Eric Reid, Graham Gano, Greg Olsen, Jarius Wright, Julius Peppers, Kawann Short , Mario Addison, Norv Turner, Ron Rivera, Taylor Heinicke, Wes HortonPlays to hate season leaders4 -Cam Newton, Eric Reid, Mike Adams2 - Christian McCaffrey, D.J. Moore, Dontari Poe, Eric Washington, Graham Gano, James Bradberry1 - Amini Silatolu, C.J. Anderson, Captain Munnerlyn, Colin Jones, Devin Funchess, Donte Jackson, Ian Thomas, Luke Kuechly Womens Ian Thomas Jersey , Norv Turner, Ron Rivera, Thomas Davis, Trai Turner Lost in all the hullabaloo over 4th and 1 punts and rookie fumbles was the fact that Sunday’s game in Washington was the best defensive performance the Carolina Panthers have put forth since Week 1. Adrian Peterson was able to pick up a few first downs with his legs, but the Panthers counterbalanced that by stifling Washington’s aerial attack. The Panthers held their opposition to just 4.3 yards per play and kept them out of the end zone for the final 48 minutes of the game. There were some warts, like the third down defense, but it was a strong showing overall for a group that had been the team’s Achilles heel in recent weeks. They’ll need to carry that upward momentum into Philadelphia where they’ll face an Eagles team that’s much bigger threat than their most recent opponent. The Eagles enter the week flying high after a Thursday night dismantling of a Giants team that gave the Panthers all they could handle. It looked like a coming out party for an Eagles offense that has thus far failed to recapture the offensive magic that helped carry them to a Super Bowl victory last season. The lack of success to this point in the season is not a reason to take this Eagles offense lightly. Most of the same cast has returned from last season. Running backs LaGarrette Blount and Jay Ajayi are gone, as well as current Panther Torrey Smith, but the most important pieces are still there. Carson Wentz is rounding back into form and playing like his old self. Alshon Jeffery is coming off a two touchdown performance in his third game back from shoulder surgery. Zach Ertz is a nightmare. The list goes on. The Panthers defense needs to make big impact if the team is going to fly back to Charlotte with a 4-2 record. Philadelphia has a strong defense in its own right, so asking the offense to carry the load like they did against the Bengals and Giants might be asking too much. Here’s what the defense needs to do:Pressure and sack Carson Wentz. The Eagles have allowed 48 quarterback hits so far this season, the 4th most in the NFL. Wentz is a sack escape artist, much like Cam Newton, and its vital that the pass rush finish the job when they get into the backfield. The third year quarterback has only thrown one interception this season, and he’s throwing into tight windows less than almost any other quarterback in the league, so just getting in his face probably won’t be enough to make a splash impact. Lock down the intermediate area of the field in the passing game. This should come easy to a Panthers defense that prioritizes getting depth in their zones and keeping pass plays in front of them. Wentz’s best area of the field is between 10 and 20 yards downfield. He’s not an exceptional short passer, so some pressure could force him to air mail some short passes to open receivers. But he’ll tear teams apart on deep digs and post routes. The Panthers have to be ready to take those away. Don’t play for punts on 4th and short. The Eagles are again among the most aggressive teams in the league at going for it on 4th down. Stopping them for a five yard gain on 3rd and 7 is far from a sure bet to get the Eagles offense off the field. The defense needs to treat 3rd down as if it were 2nd down once the Eagles get anywhere near midfield. The Panthers defense is in for a tough test on Sunday. Last week they showed signs of being the strong unit many pegged them to be before the season. They need to build on that success and make their mark on the game if the Panthers want to knock the reigning Super Bowl champions to a sub-.500 record.
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