Some ruminations on the long-term deal for the shortstop

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It’s also impossible to talk about this deal Paul Molitor Jersey , or any deal right now anyway, without the context of the labor strife around the league. Free agency for just about everyone is stagnant — consider that even at the top players are still clawing for the Alex Rodriguez signed 12 years ago — and for two years in a row now we’ve seen major changes that has players understandably worried. There’s little doubt that’s the reason behind so many stars signing extensions late in spring training and now it’s carrying into the regular season. Bogaerts has an opt-out after the 2022 season, and that is no coincidence. That is the year there will theoretically be a new CBA in place, so Bogaerts will have a chance to enter free agency in a more stable market if it comes to fruition. All in all, I’d be lying if I said it doesn’t feel at least a little weird to lock up such a great player under these weird circumstances.As far as the luxury tax goes, there has been some confusion on this point, from myself included. The deal is being reported by some as a seven-year, $132 million deal. That is true when you count in the 2019 salary , but that isn’t how it will be calculated for luxury tax purposes. For this year, his $12 million arbitration salary is what counts against the luxury tax. Starting next year, the six-year, $120 million contract will count towards the tax. So, for those six years he’ll cost $20 million against the tax.One of the more underrated portions of Bogaerts’ time here, and one of the big reasons I’m so excited about him sticking around for a long time, is his leadership. Even at a relatively young age, Bogaerts is a glue guy in the clubhouse. The shortstop Justin Smoak Jersey , partially thanks to being able to speak so many languages, connects with everyone in the clubhouse and has been credited with helping young players out all around the organization. Old friend Mauricio Dubon said so himself after the news broke on Sunday.Photo by Elsa/Getty ImagesThe biggest question after this deal has been how does this affect Mookie Betts. Putting aside that we should try to enjoy things for 30 seconds before worrying about the rest, this shouldn’t have much of an effect on Betts. It’s worth noting the Red Sox do have a bunch of money coming off the books this winter even with this and the Sale deal in place with Rick Porcello likely leaving and J.D. Martinez possibly following as well. (As for those two, I think the former is almost certainly gone but the latter I am still not convinced will even opt-out.) Plus, they have a bunch of second- and third-tier free agents as well as the Pablo Sandoval money coming off the books. Even besides all that, Betts is such a unique talent unlike almost anyone the franchise has ever had. For a team like the Red Sox, you almost forget about the budget when you sign him. Get him under contract whenever he’s ready to talk and worry about the rest later. Anything else would be malpractice.There has been some shock about Bogaerts signing a long-term deal before free agency despite being a Scott Boras client. It’s always worth remembering a simple fact: Boras works for his clients not the other way around. Even if he tries to convince them waiting for free agency is the best move, he will ultimately move in the direction his client wants to move. In this case , Bogaerts expressed an interest in staying in Boston and getting a deal done before having to deal with the open market, and Boras obliged. Next year’s free agent class is going to be rough. If Martinez does indeed either restructure his deal or simply decline to use his opt-out, the top three free agents right now will be Gerrit Cole, Anthony Rendon and....Josh Donaldson? Didi Gregorius? If one of those top two signs an extension, things will basically crater. KANSAS CITY, Mo. (AP) — Mike Matheny has been hired by Kansas City as a special adviser for player development, putting the former St. Louis Cardinals manager in position as a possible successor to Royals manager Ned Yost.The 64-year-old Yost has managed the Royals since 2010 and led the team to the 2015 World Series title, the second in franchise history after 1985. Kansas City announced on the final day of this season he had agreed to a contract for 2019.The 48-year-old Matheny succeeded Tony La Russa as Cardinals manager after St. Louis won the 2011 Series and became the first manager to lead his team into the playoffs in each of his first four seasons. He was fired on July 14 this year with the Cardinals at 47-46.Royals general manager Dayton Moore said Friday that Matheny will assist in scouting and player development. Like Yost Aaron Sanchez Jersey , Matheny is a former major league catcher.“It has always been our policy to hire the best baseball people we can, and this is the perfect example of that,” Moore said. “Mike has contributed so much to our game as both a player and a manager and has a wealth of knowledge that can only make us better.”
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